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ICT as competitiveness enabler

ICT is an important factor for maintaining competitiveness, as it not only facilitates efficient design and development of new products, it also brings intelligence to the shop floor.

The ICT contribution to the Factories of the Future aims at improving the efficiency, adaptability and sustainability of manufacturing systems as well as their better integration within business processes in an increasingly globalised industrial context.

ICT Tools for Manufacturing Management in Plastic SMEs

Technicians of Plastic SMEs who are involved in Manufacturing Management have a lot of experience, gained along the years, and they know how to deal with the problems they usually face.

However, they are not familiar enough with the application of Advanced ICT Tools to their work, within a new paradigm of manufacturing model, meaning a reduction of competitiveness of their companies.

Training on ICT Tools for Manufacturing Management

Technicians of Plastic SMEs should be trained in high-level ICT/Digital competences in order to get them into the new manufacturing models and to allow them increasing the global industry efficiency, as well as their own performance.

The best way for acquiring the new knowledge and capabilities is to be directly trained in the use of the proper ICT Tools applied to their own problems.