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Training Modules

Module 1: Demand Forecasting

  • For predicting the future demand of the company products.

Module 2: Aggregated Production Planning

  • For deciding the production capacity levels over a long term planning horizon.

Module 3: Master Production Schedule

  • For deciding the amount of products to be produced in each period over a medium term planning horizon.

Module 4: Production Operations Sequencing

  • For deciding the order in which the different products will be manufactured and assembled over a short term planning horizon.

Module 5: Sourcing Planning

  • For determining the raw materials procurement over medium and short term horizon.

Module 6: Delivery Planning

  • For establishing the delivering of finished goods and services to meet the customers demand; includes order management, transportation management, and distribution management.

Training Sessions

Session 1: Introduction to concepts and tools

Work in Company (4 hours)

  • Trainees read and analyze the developed Training Materials.

Webminar (1 hour)

  • Trainees attend a Webinar where the Trainer summarize the main concepts and solve doubts.
  • At the end of the Webinar trainees give feedback about the module in form of a survey, quiz game, etc.

Session 2: Working with case studies

Face2Face practical session or attendance through the e-Training Platform depending on the availability of the trainees (3 hours)

  • Selected ICT Tools are used to solve prepared case studies from Plastic sector.
  • The Trainer will show how the advanced
    ICT tools work, the guidelines to use them and how to solve the case studies.
  • Specific real problems of companies will be defined and the trainer will give orientation to each trainee about how to solve such problems with the guidelines and the ICT tools.

Work-in-company Session: Working with real cases of the companiese-Training Platform support (4 hours)

e-Training Platform Support

  • Trainees will work by their own in the application of the guidelines supported by the use of the ICT tools to solve the real problems of their own companies that were defined in the previous session.

  • Trainer will be available through the e-training Platform for supporting the trainees during the work-in-company session.

Session 3: Lessons learnt, revision and closure

Face2Face session or attendance through the e-Training Platform depending on the availability of the trainees (3 hours)

  • Trainees will show the result of their own work and the Trainer will solve the last possible doubts about the implementation of the guidelines and the use of the advanced ICT tools.
  • Sessions learnt and proposals for improvement will be shared by all the trainees.